Collaborate with ASUW

We have opportunities to engage with partners at all levels of the Association, and in many different ways. We invite you to read about our past partnerships, and cannot wait to explore new engagement opportunities with you soon.

Partnership Opportunities


We team up with Registered Student Organizations and other student leaders outside of ASUW on events and advocacy efforts. Together, we can reach broader audiences, share resources, and amplify our voices.


Faculty & Staff

We work with faculty and staff to make sure that the Husky Experience meets
the needs of every Husky. If you’re looking to get feedback from students
or get us involved in an important project on campus, we want to hear from you.


Community Leaders

We partner with people who think civic engagement matters, whether or not
they’re affiliated with UW. When ASUW combines ideas, knowledge, connections,
or resources with individuals, organizations, and businesses, everyone wins.


Attention: the ASUW Partner website is currently under development. Check back soon, as we will be adding pages with more in depth and up to date information throughout the winter. If you have questions which are not currently addressed on the website, please contact us.